About Me

I started my career in the corporate world in such diverse areas as Office Management, Accountancy, Sales and Marketing enriched by a course in Business studies obtained with distinction. Things were looking quite good! However I couldn’t settle and eventually followed my dream and went to Drama school to become a professional actor.

Trainee to Trainer

Many years later I was introduced to Professional Roleplay which at the time was in its infancy and I discovered a new passion.  I saw that the opportunity to bring the communication skills of an Actor into the corporate and organisational world took me full circle and this was very exciting. With enthusiasm I developed a range of appropriate skills as a trainer, a coach, and learned how to give effective feedback.

All of this plus working with various psychological models used in business and life and put together with my work in voice and personal presence to offer a “total communication package”.


Most recently I have developed a range of talks which I deliver to organisations of all types and sizes.

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Core Values

Some of my core values are about fairness and equality of opportunity and I aim to equip people with the personal skills they will need for success in work and life.

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