What we once enjoyed and deeply loved, we can never lose For all that we love deeply, becomes part of us

Helen Keller

The celebrant role

I became aware of the Celebrant role when attending a friend’s funeral and it so impressed me as an alternative for those who may not have a strong religious belief or follow a particular faith.

What I found most impressive was that, the person who had passed away was at the centre of the ceremony, their life and personality being celebrated by a unique service tailored to the individual and honouring them in a way that may truly be described as celebrating their life and achievements, while making it an inclusive ceremony that acknowledges and respects those of a religious belief.

Much later I was invited to consider this role for myself and indeed conducted a service for the partner of a colleague.  I was gradually made aware that its okay to remember a loved one with a smile, a joke, an anecdote and stories from moments in their lifetime which are real memories to treasure.

As an Actor for many years followed by working as a trainer and coach in interpersonal skills, I discovered that the understanding I had of communication, respect and empathy were an excellent match for this role, which also closely reflects my values of working with and helping people in challenging situations.

What to expect from me as a Celebrant

  1. I will contact you with a view to setting up a family meeting to discuss and organise the service and its content.  The family meeting gives us the opportunity to meet,  and help you decide if you are comfortable with me conducting the service.
  2. I will have the opportunity to learn more about the family member who has passed away, thus helping me to provide a service unique to them.
  3. We will have the opportunity to discuss the content and shape the service including the chosen music, poetry/readings, the writing of the tribute plus any requests or concerns.
  4. From the date of my visit you will be able to contact me with any concerns you may have right through to the date of the service.
  5. We will both have a close contact with the Funeral Directors as the central point and together we will work to make the day as memorable and special as it can be.  On the day, I will be there to meet and support you as well as conducting the service.

Ken Lodge - Celebrant

Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened