My Talks

I have developed and delivered a range of talks that are intended both to inform and entertain and which can be tuned to both corporate and small local groups’ requirements.  They have been designed to run for up to one hour and I am always looking to add to my repertoire.

An Actors Life for me

Sharing my experiences and feelings about my time in the profession with readings, stories and embarrassing moments on stage  -  ‘A funny thing happened on my way to the theatre’ - alongside treasured memories of creativity and comradeship –‘ A Peep Behind the Curtains!!’

If you Believe you can

A talk that is intended to build confidence by challenging those “limiting beliefs” drawn from my own experiences and driven by my strong belief in ‘Equality of Opportunity’ and ‘Personal Development’.  Many of us are truly better than we think!

Body Language speaks volumes

A humorous exploration of Body Language and Voice Development. We are good at recognising when things don’t seem quite right in others – but are we so aware of the signals we might be giving out?

Different Strokes for Different Folks

People have different styles and preferences when it comes to the way they communicate with others. Understanding this and adapting our approach even in quite small ways can make such a difference to an effective relationship. A look at people delivered with fun and affection!

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Maybe you're looking to book a talk for your next group or event, or maybe you're looking for a bit more information. Whatever the reason, feel free to get in touch and I'd be glad to help out with any requirement.